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ATTENTION: Healthcare Business Owners...

Transform Your Private Practice with the Power of Newsletters Uncover the Strategy to Consistently Attract New and Returning High-Value Patients

Dear Healthcare Business Owner,

Imagine a typical Thursday afternoon where your biggest concern isn’t empty appointment slots, but how to manage a calendar brimming with bookings for weeks on end.

Sounds like a far-off dream? 

It doesn’t have to be.

The secret? 

It’s not just about filling your schedule randomly; it’s about drawing in patients who value your expertise and become loyal to your practice – a feat many healthcare practices dream of, but only a few achieve.

And this difference? It’s not about luck. It’s about harnessing certain effective strategies that turn the tide.

Learn from industry leader, like Mayo Clinic and Cleveland Clinic. Their secret weapon for nurturing lasting patient relationships and a constant flow of appointments is surprisingly simple yet immensely powerful: newsletters.

But we’re not talking about any run-of-the-mill newsletters. These are meticulously crafted, content-rich communications that do more than just inform; they engage and compel patients to keep coming back.

Consider this: for every dollar spent on email marketing, studies reveal an average return of $36 – a statistic backed by marketing giants like HubSpot and Campaign Monitor. This isn’t mere speculation; it’s a proven strategy for growth and nurturing patient relationships.

With newsletters, you’re not gambling on chance; you’re making a calculated investment in your practice’s future. 

Let’s dive into how this tool can transform your appointment calendar from a source of stress to a testament of success.

What if a simple email newsletter could guarantee you a steady flow of loyal, happy patients?

This IS NOT a hyberbole. It’s a proven, yet often overlooked strategy that, like I mentioned, leading healthcare organizations are already leveraging to their advantage.

Consider this – why does The Mayo Clinic have over 5 million email subscribers?

Why has The Cleveland Clinic’s newsletter grown to a circulation of 1.3 million?

Because in today’s healthcare climate, maintaining relationships is critical yet challenging like never before.

Today’s healthcare scene? It’s wild. Patients? They’ve got options galore. They’re not just looking for someone close by anymore – they want a real connection and top-notch service.

And if something doesn’t feel right, just a click and they’re considering the next option.

You, on the other hand? You’re swamped. Between the packed schedules, the never-ending bills, and the always-present staffing drama, it’s a wonder you have a moment to breathe.

It’s a daily challenge just keeping heads above water, leaving almost no time for reaching out to patients.

And without strong relationships, you might lose patients even when you’re busiest.

Enough, enough, enough already! It’s time to change this!

A newsletter is not just another marketing tool. It’s a relationship builder, a brand builder, and a trust builder.

Consider it an opportunity to showcase your expertise, deliver valuable information, and make your patients feel seen, understood, and valued.

Newsletters are the most important marketing tool you could possibly be using today to quickly and easily create a following that buys from you repeatedly like clockwork!

  • They’re More Than Just Updates: Newsletters give your patients what they crave – meaningful health insights blended with highlights of your top-notch services.
  • Stay Top of Mind: Every time your patient opens your newsletter, they’re reminded of you. Ensuring they think of you first when they need your services.
  • Steady Growth: Tired of unpredictable patient flow? Newsletters solidify your brand, strengthening your reputation in your specialization. That’s a direct ticket to consistent growth.
  • Build a Community: It’s not just about health updates. Your newsletter makes patients feel they’re part of a proactive health community. That connection? It makes them loyal advocates of your practice.
  • Encourage Word-of-Mouth: Deliver value in every newsletter, and watch your patients spread the word. They’ll not only return but also bring their friends and family along.

In essence, newsletters turn patients into your own promoters, sparking a wave of new referrals.

It’s not just a game-changer but a win-win situation for everyone involved.

Whether you’re providing health tips, sharing patient success stories, or special promotions, your newsletter will be a source of valuable information your patients will look forward to receiving.

Does the promise of newsletters sound too good to be true?

Major healthcare organizations have seen tremendous benefits.

Take a look at these exciting facts ...

  • According to a study published in The Journal of Healthcare Communications, solo and small to mid-sized practices saw a 32% higher patient retention rate when sending monthly newsletters.
  • A study in the International Journal of Healthcare Management found that weekly email newsletters increased appointment bookings by 19% over 3 months compared to no newsletter among orthopedic clinics sampled.
  • McKinsey’s annual healthcare consumer survey found that patients receiving 1-2 newsletters per month from their healthcare provider scored satisfaction and loyalty 29% higher than those receiving none.
  • A Stanford University study published in Healthcare Management Review revealed that email newsletters increased completed annual wellness visit rates by 31% on average for primary care clinics.
  • A study by the American Marketing Association found that 72% of consumers who receive email newsletters from their healthcare providers are more likely to recommend those providers to others.

In addition to these general statistics, there are also many specific examples of healthcare businesses that have achieved success with newsletters. For example:

  • The Cleveland Clinic increased its website traffic by 20% after implementing a regular email newsletter program.
  • The Mayo Clinic reduced its patient churn rate by 10% after sending out monthly newsletters that included health tips and educational resources.
  • The Johns Hopkins Hospital increased its patient satisfaction rate by 5% after sending out personalized newsletters that included information about upcoming appointments and preventive care recommendations.

These examples show that newsletters can be a very effective way for healthcare businesses to improve patient retention, satisfaction, and loyalty.

Don’t let your practice fall behind. 

The enduring use of newsletters in the healthcare sector, impressive engagement metrics, expected growth, and adoption by top-tier providers confirm that this isn’t merely a transient trend. It’s a cornerstone strategy in healthcare marketing.

Wouldn’t you want to harness the power of newsletters to grow and transform your healthcare business? You said you would? That’s wise.

Now, you might be wondering…

Just how exactly does it work?

HMS diagram

It’s simple – you publish a free email newsletter and watch as thousands eagerly sign up.

But here’s the twist – your profit doesn’t come from the newsletter itself. Instead, it’s all about introducing your vast subscriber base to your healthcare products and services.

The best part? You get to spread the word about your services without digging deep into your pockets. And all of this WITHOUT compromising your professionalism, your integrity, or that hard-earned reputation of yours… WITHOUT leasing the next new, pricey techno-gadget… and WITHOUT you having to become some green-eyed monster super salesman.

Transforming your email list into your personal goldmine!

Do you see how newsletters can be the cornerstone of a hugely profitable practice?

Imagine generating more leads and sales every day WITHOUT the hassle …. as

Incredible as that sounds!

Publishing a newsletter is like turning on a magnet for your clinic. Not only does it consistently attract new leads and patients every day without draining your budget, but it also reignites the spark with past patients, enticing them to revisit your clinic.

But there’s more! Your engaging newsletter turns subscribers into fans eager to share your services. With easy-to-use sharing features in the newsletter, they can easily refer friends and family.

So, in sum, as you might have noticed, newsletters work by activating the winning strategy of a thriving healthcare practice:

  1. Attracting new patients
  2. Reviving connections with previous patients
  3. Empowering easy referrals.

That’s your proven pathway to practice growth and prosperity.

And that’s the transformative power of newsletters.

Now, just think about it…

You’ve learned how elegantly simple and powerful newsletters can be.

You’ve seen their potential for solving a common problem: patient flow and practice growth consistency.

You’ve read about the astonishing successes of world-renowned healthcare institutions like the Mayo Clinic using newsletters to boost their bottom lines.

And the best part?

All these benefits are within your reach! And it doesn’t have to be a task.

Introducing Our Custom Newsletter Publishing Service Your key to a consistent, sustainable, and thriving healthcare practice

We offer you three tailored plans designed to meet your needs and aspirations.

Whether you’re just getting started or ready to scale up, we have a newsletter solution for you.

Each plan is designed to provide you with an outstanding newsletter service.

Still, we also offer varying additional benefits to perfectly match your practice’s needs.

Let’s see the options and pick the plan that best suits your goals and needs.


Ideal for the practice seeking a physical touch, our basic plan delivers a custom print newsletter that you can distribute in-clinic to patients, mail to your patient list, or even direct mail to your community.

Farmacy Newsletters
Hospital Newsletters

A potent blend of scientific evidence and proven practicality delivers impressive outcomes. This isn’t a mere claim; it’s a substantiated reality backed by hard-hitting research and data.

But don’t just take my word for it – take a glance at these new jaw-dropping facts my trusty AI assistant just dug up:

  • A study from Temple University revealed that patients favor printed educational materials over their electronic counterparts by an impressive 5-to-1 margin.
  • A survey conducted by Demand Metric found that 66% of consumers believe that print marketing feels more personal than digital, building stronger, more intimate relationships.
  • The Kinsey Institute’s findings show that the tactile experience of reading printed material activates more brain regions associated with comprehension and emotion than reading digitally.

That’s right – you can leverage neuroscience to your advantage with print newsletters!

But the magic of print doesn’t stop there.

  • According to the Moore DM Group, 61% of consumers report that print ads grab their attention more than online ads.
  • The Magazine Media Factbook found that consumers spend 56 minutes engrossed in print publications, compared to a mere 15 minutes reading online. (That’s nearly four times more focused engagement!)

So why limit yourself to the digital world?

With the basic plan, you get a professionally researched, written, and edited health newsletter issue every month delivered to your doorstep like clockwork.

Embrace the unmatched power of print newsletters and unlock a wealth of opportunities to connect, engage, and grow.

Investment: $775/month


The Professional plan is ideal for practices ready to extract the gold from their existing email list — By publishing an email newsletter that reactivates past patients and brings them back to the clinic.

email marketing

No more lost opportunity to get those patients back in again.

This plan includes the following:

1. Full-Service Email Newsletters: A professionally researched, written, and edited weekly email newsletter.

The biggest roadblock for many healthcare businesses publishing a patient newsletter is not knowing what to say or how to say it.

We take that worry off your shoulders.

We will meticulously research, write, and publish your email newsletters.

But these aren’t just any newsletters. Each issue is thoughtfully engineered to overflow with valuable content tailored to your patient’s needs and service offerings, up-to-date information, and other patient-centric communications that create an ongoing dialogue with your audience.

It’s about keeping your patients connected, informed, and assured of your consistent care and concern for their wellbeing.

By entrusting your email newsletters to us, you’re freeing up valuable time and ensuring a constant, high-quality engagement tool that strengthens the bond between you and your patients.

This is essential in transforming your practice into a trusted and loved healthcare brand.


You will continue to receive your print newsletter, now enhanced with a unique QR code and an enticing offer, inviting prospects to subscribe to your email newsletter.

Uncover the hidden gold in your email list, reignite your patient relationships, and let the Professional Plan propel your practice to new heights! A $1,494/month value.

Your investment: $997/month

(Or take advantage of our basic plan and get started for just $775 today)


The Dominate plan is the game-changer for those ready to grow their healthcare business.

attract patients - dominate plan

There are 7 things I’d like to do for you with the Dominate plan.

These are…

1. Full-Service Email Newsletters: Like in the Professional Plan, my team and I will research, write, and publish your value-based print and email newsletters that continue to build and strengthen your relationship with prospects and patients while subtly promoting your services.

It is worth $1,494

2. Determine Your Ideal Healthcare Audience: Understanding your audience goes beyond the basics. It’s not just about age or location but truly grasping their needs, desires, and challenges.

Success in marketing comes from knowing exactly who will benefit most from your expertise. We’re not throwing a wide net and hoping for the best. We’re pinpointing that specific person eager for your unique healthcare solutions.

With our approach, you’ll target not just any audience but the right one. The ones who are more likely to become your patients, seeing you as their trusted healthcare expert.

Skipping this deep dive means potentially missing out on those genuine connections.

It’s the difference between speaking to a crowd and talking directly to individuals who genuinely need your help.

For the kind of understanding that can transform your outreach? It’s valued at $497.

Yours free, today.

 3. Built Your Email Capture System: One thing I hear over and over from healthcare business owners like you is how overwhelmed they feel with digital marketing technology.

In fact, a study conducted in 2020 by the American Medical Association (AMA) found that 57% of doctors believe that a lack of digital skills is a barrier to their ability to use technology to improve their practice. The study also found that 42% of doctors have never received any training on how to use email marketing.

Another study by the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) found that 40% of medical students do not feel confident in their ability to use email marketing.

Imagine an email marketing system that effortlessly scoops up prospective patients’ contact details, feeding them directly into your database—a smooth, seamless, and automatic process.

Sounds like a dream? Well, thanks to new technology, that’s what we deliver. Your very own tailor-made email capture system that doesn’t just enhance your workflow…

…it revolutionizes your patient outreach.

Creating a robust, high-converting email capture system demands a blend of skills. It’s not just the “tech stuff” that can be a little overwhelming… it requires direct response copywriting experience, learning how to use the email software and social media channels a certain way, and a deep understanding of your target market.

Picture two healthcare practitioners with similar services, both venturing into email marketing. One collects leads for a mere $0.70 each, while the other forks over $11.20 per lead. The difference? It’s all in the efficiency of their email capture system.

Now, ask yourself: Which one do you want to be?

Building an effective email capture system means having compelling, converting copy, elegantly designed landing pages, seamless integration with your email marketing software, and more.

It sounds daunting, and it can be. Especially if you’re starting out. But you don’t have to do this alone. My team and I are here to construct it FOR YOU to attract and convert high-value patients, saving you time, money, and A LOT of headaches.

It’s a total value of $2,997

Yours free today.

4. Promote Your High-Ticket Services: The Dominate Plan is more than just nurturing your subscriber list with newsletters. We create compelling, irresistible offers that transform your subscribers into motivated buyers of your high-ticket specialized services.

Our crafted promotions aren’t generic; they’re tailored, targeting the needs and desires of your audience.

The result? Increased conversions, boosted profits, and a growing pool of loyal clients who see the value in your high-quality healthcare.

This is easily worth $500 a month of service to you.

5. 10-Day Trust-Building Welcome Campaign: First impressions matter, especially for new subscribers. That’s why we’ll write a 10-day welcome email strategy just for you.

We don’t just say hello; we gradually build trust with personalized, engaging messages that acquaint your new subscribers with your high-quality healthcare services.

This gentle, trust-building process isn’t a nicety – it’s a necessity, crucial in transforming fresh subscribers into patients.

It’s not just about building a list; it’s about fostering relationships, setting the foundation for long-term success.

This 10-Day Trust-Building Welcome campaign is easily worth $5,000.

Yours free today.

6. Data-Driven Optimization: Imagine your marketing strategy as a living, breathing entity. It learns, grows, and evolves based on solid facts, not guesswork. That’s precisely what we offer with our data-driven approach.

We’re not just setting up your email capture system; we’re equipping it with robust analytics, carefully defined performance indicators, and a continuous improvement plan grounded in real-world data.

It’s like having a GPS for your marketing efforts – we don’t just give you directions. We actively navigate you toward success.

Our strategy doesn’t merely hope for the best. It anticipates it, measures it, and tweaks itself for maximum performance.

This is easily worth $997 a month of service to you.

Now look before I tell you the 7th and final thing I’ll do for you to ensure your success with newsletter marketing.

Let’s quickly recap what you get today…

#1: Full-Service Email Newsletters! (a $1,497/month value)

#2: Determine Your Ideal Audience! (a $497value)

#3: Custom-Built Email Capture System! (a $2,997 value)

#4: High-Ticket Service Promotions! (a $500/month value)

#5: 10-Day Trust-Building Welcome Campaign! (a $5,000 value)

#6: Data-Driven Optimization! (a $997/month value)

That’s $11,488 worth of done-for-you services.

I think you’ll agree… what I’m offering you here is your very own marketing department without adding to staff or pilling new “marketing work” onto them.

You’ll have a Unique sales process that keeps your books full all year round without the hassle.

It is almost everything you need to make daily, weekly, and monthly sales, profits, and personal income from newsletter marketing in 2023!

Why do I say it is “almost” everything you need to succeed?

Because the only thing that’s missing from everything I’m giving you here today is the most critically important part of all.

What is it?


You see, you cannot build an email list of newsletter subscribers without traffic.

And not just any traffic.

It must be profitable traffic.

Now the best place to get traffic online is Facebook.

I build 90%+ of my email lists using Facebook traffic. That’s because Facebook has the most profitable traffic.

The problem is getting traffic from Facebook is a royal pain in the rear end.

You’ve got to research audiences.

Write ads.

Test images.

Optimize your results to get the best cost per lead.

Make sure you don’t break any of Facebook’s policies. Or else you’ll get your ad account banned.

Then you’ve gotta scale your ads without messing up your results.

It’s a lot of work. And requires a lot of skill. That’s why most healthcare businesses pay media buyers like me $3,500 a month to buy all their traffic for them.

It’s a big job that requires a lot of care and attention.

Well, the 7th and final thing I’d like to do for you to ensure your success with newsletter marketing in 2023 is this…

#7. I’ll buy your traffic for you!

Now, let me clarify that statement so there is no confusion.

I’ll buy all your traffic for you, but you’ll pay for the traffic.

Here’s what I mean: my team and I will be your copywriter and media buyer. We’ll research your audiences, write your ads, test dozens of images, publish your newsletter, optimize your results, and GET YOU HIGH-VALUE LEADS, as many of them as you want, at the lowest possible cost per lead.

We are masters at this stuff. It’s what we do all day long (even on weekends).

And you will pay for that traffic and those leads.

This is a service I am now offering called…

Healthcare Business Growth Accelerator™

It’s all part of The Dominate Plan.

Here’s how it works:

When you sign up for The Dominate Plan, you get the Healthcare Business Growth Accelerator™.

Seven things will happen:

#1: A Kickstart Call!

We’ll schedule a kickstart call with you the instant you sign up. This is to discuss your goals. What you want to achieve. And develop a plan for massive and rapid success.

#2: Setup Your Ad Campaign!

We’ll research the most profitable audiences for you. We’ll create your ad copy. Identify the best images to test. We’ll set up your ad account. Ensure your tracking pixel is set up on the email capture system we built for you. And get everything ready to go live.

#3: Decide on Your Budget!

It can be $5 a day or $5,000 a day. The choice is yours. And it doesn’t matter. We’ll develop a plan that gets you results — FAST.

#4: Start Building Your Email List of Newsletter Subscribers!

Once we’re ready to switch on ads and only after we have two thumbs up from you, we’ll start getting high-value leads (buyer leads) onto your email list using newsletters.

#5: We Optimize Your Results!

Once ads go live, we start testing like mad scientists.


To get you the most profitable leads at the lowest possible cost. That’s the name of the game. And this is where our expertise really shines. We’re masters at this stuff.

#6: We Manage Your Ad Account Monthly!

Once your ads are live and we’re getting you the most profitable leads at the lowest possible cost, we’ll continue to manage your ad account each month to ensure your ads stay fresh and your costs stay low, and your email list continues to grow.

#7: We Publish Your Patient Newsletter Weekly!

My team and I will research, write, and publish your value-based email newsletter once a week to continue to build and strengthen your relationship with your new newsletter subscribers and patients while subtly promoting your services.

#8: Unlimited Email Support!

Whatever questions you have along the way, whatever support you need, whatever you need us to do (such as increase or decrease your ad spend), we’re just an email away.

You can send us as many emails as you need. You have unlimited email support. We’re always there for you. Always working for you to get you the best results.

This is another 100% DONE FOR YOU SERVICE.

It’s a $3,500 a month value.

That’s precisely the “going rate” in the marketplace to hire a top media buyer to do all this work for you.

Now obviously, this is NOT a service I can offer for free. It’s a highly laborious job for my team and me.

But don’t worry. You’ll be shocked at the discount I have for you today when you sign up to become a member of The Dominate Plan.

But before I get to that. Once again, let’s recap everything I’m offering you here because this is TRULY a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to have ME build YOU an email list of newsletter subscribers and give you EVERYTHING you need to keep your books full all year round WITHOUT begging, pushing, prodding, or hounding for referrals; WITHOUT pressing people (your team) to “remind” (lean on) patients and NEVER, NEVER making patients uncomfortable.

#1: Full-Service Email Newsletters! (a $1,497/month value)

#2: Determine Your Ideal Audience! (a $497value)

#3: Custom-Built Email Capture System! (a $2,997 value)

#4: High Ticket Service Promotions! (a $500/month value)

#5: 10-Day Trust-Building Welcome Campaign! (a $5,000 value)

#6: Data-Driven Optimization! (a $997/month value)

#7: I’ll buy your traffic for you! (a $3,500/month value)

That’s $14,988 worth of done-for-you services and money-making newsletters.

This means you can keep your books full all year round with total confidence.

Imagine your email list growing with potential patients genuinely interested in your healthcare services.

Keeping existing patients engaged and returning for routine/follow-up visits and care.

Attracting new patients, reviving connections with previous patients, and empowering easy referrals with me doing all the hard work for you.

All within the next 30 days.

This is truly a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

So there you have it. That’s what I’ve got for you today.

Now I’m sure you’re wondering…

“How much does it cost to join The Dominate Plan?”

It’s not cheap. But it’s not as expensive as you think.

So look, I’m not going to beat around the bush. I can offer you a massive discount on the $6,988/month market value it costs to hire a top digital marketing expert for two reasons.

Reason #1:

I’m not a media buying agency. So I don’t have a huge staff or a large overhead like regular digital marketing agencies do.

Reason #2:

My team does NOT work for me on a “per client” basis. Instead, they are my in-house staff of expert copywriters and media buyers who work for me on an hourly basis.

As a result, I can now offer you a HUGE discount that you will not find anywhere else from any other media buyer, freelancer, or digital marketing agency.

Simply put, it won’t cost you $6,988/month to sign up right now for Healthcare Business Growth Accelerator™.

It won’t cost $5,000/month, either.

Or $4,000/month.

Or even $3,000/month.

In fact, as crazy as it seems, you can now get everything I mentioned earlier:

The Full-Service Email Newsletter Publishing…

The done-for-you target market selection…

The custom-built email capture system…

The monthly high-ticket service promotions…

The 10-day trust-building welcome campaign…

The Data-Driven Optimization…

And The Done-For-You Media Buying, all part of the Healthcare Business Growth Accelerator™ service…

In other words, all $14,998 worth of done-for-you services and built-in email capturing and nurturing system for the low investment today of just…


(Or take advantage of our basic plan and get started for just $497 today)

This is truly a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. I’m sure you’ll agree you’ve never seen anything like this offer before.

Essentially, I’m moving MOUNTAINS to ensure your success in growing a successful healthcare business in 2023 and beyond.

Plus, to remove all risk, when you click the link below right now and sign up for The Dominate Plan, I’m giving you a …

60 Day Money Back Guarantee

Here’s what I mean: Click the link below. Sign up for The Dominate Plan right now.

Let us grow your newsletter list to at least 500 prospects.

We’ll send those 500 prospects through the 10-Day Welcome email funnel in the next 60 days. If you don’t profit from your ad spend by that time, let us know, and we’ll refund 100% of your money.

This means you have absolutely NOTHING to risk and everything to gain.

So don’t delay. Click the link below this letter and sign up for The Dominate Plan or whichever plan you prefer. When you do, three things will happen.

First, you’ll receive an email from me, Javier Calderón 🙂 Welcoming you to The Health Marketing System.

Second, you’ll receive another email… from my team… which will ask that you schedule your Kickstart call with us as soon as possible so we can set you up ASAP.

Our goal is to get your email list of newsletter subscribers started in the next 30 days.

So what are you waiting for?

This is the greatest opportunity you’ll ever get to put in place a sophisticated and comprehensive INTERNAL marketing system to multiply patients, so you can finally stop worrying about filling your books, and get on with growing your practice.

You’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain.

It's up to you now...

In closing, I want to say just two more things.

First, thinking back to the challenging days of the pandemic, it’s clear that maintaining communication was crucial. 

Do you remember how quiet everything became? Some healthcare providers went silent – no updates, check-ins, or reassurance for their patients. However, there were a few who did things differently.

Studies showed that practices that consistently communicated with their patients through newsletters maintained their relationships and saw increased trust and engagement once things started reopening. Patients felt connected, valued, and informed, making them more likely to return when the doors opened again.

So, as we move into 2024, the big question is: Do you want to be the provider that fades into the background or the one that stands out in their mind?

The Dominate Plan is your tool to ensure you’re always in the spotlight. By keeping a pulse on your new leads and patient community with tailored newsletters, you can transform your practice into an indispensable part of their health journey.

Click the link below this letter and sign up for The Dominate Plan.

And lastly, please note this is a limited opportunity.

My team and I – just a passionate few – are committed to helping private practices transition into this new era of patient communication. But we can’t partner with everyone. When this offer ends, you may not hear about this again. I’m telling you this because you will lose out if you don’t click the link below this letter and sign up for The Dominate Plan right now.

Don’t let this opportunity pass you by. 2023 is halfway through, but a consistent stream of new and returning patients can be yours.

Major healthcare organizations already use newsletter marketing to bring in new patients daily at very little cost.

The only question left unanswered is this…

Will you be one of them this year?

Or will you still struggle to maintain a reliable flow of bookings this time next year?

Click the button below.

Sign up for The Dominate Plan right now.

It’s a path to financial security and independence, and you could see results in the next 30 days.

To your success,

Javier Calderon